Bridge, Culvert and Wharf Inspection, testing & Assessment Services

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Specialising in Bridge, Wharf & Culvert Inspection, Testing & Assessment.

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. Managers Nev and Sue Buckley provide expert, professional bridge construction, maintenance, assessment and advisory services you can rely on. Based in Alstonville northern NSW, we help customers in all sectors make their visions a reality with emphasis on rapid response, low cost, practical and durable solutions provided without delay.

Our company provides the industry experience and expertise of more than 42 years that any bridge related project requires. Our skilled professionals are focused on delivering the results you need. No excuses, no delay, we provide specialised assessment, construction and maintenance services you can count on.

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. are fully certified, licenced and insured with a perfect safety record with zero LTI 's in almost 5 years of operation.

About us

Bridgedoctors Pty.Ltd. is proud to offer a variety of professional bridge construction, assessment, maintenance, and advisory services since 2010. We are focused on delivering every project in a timely fashion. We provide quality services and long lasting solutions to clients in the bridge infrastructure, asset management, maintenance and industrial sectors related to road bridges including design evaluation from a constructors and maintainers viewpoint that can prevent in-built maintenance problems.
Whatever the scale and specific requirements of your project, Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. will provide cost effective solutions and aim to exceed all expectations.

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Our Services

With over 4 decades of experience in the construction, maintenance, inspection and asset management of bridges we have the expertise to assist in choosing the right materials, reviewing the design and advising, so your project will be completed on time, within your budget and to above expectations.

Road & Rail Bridge, Culvert, Sign Structures and Wharf Inspections.

Assessment of Specific Bridge Problems.

Concrete Core Drilling.

Concrete Cutting.

Non Destructive Concrete Testing (Compressive Strength, Reinforcement mapping)

Compressive Strength Testing via Core Drilling.

Carbonation, Chloride and Sulphate sampling and testing.

Underground pipe HD-video inspections.

Environmental and habitat assessment related to structures.

Maintenance advice and scoping of repair procedure.

Supervision, Surveillance and Verification of bridge and component manufacture.

Installation of the Nifty-Joint (pat. pend.) bridge deck and pavement jointing system.

Handover and post-maintenance inspections.

Extensive network of Bridge Material Specialists, Structural and Design Engineers available.

Nifty-Joint Bridge and Pavement Jointing System. Small Movement Bridge Joints.

Nifty-Joint Bridge and Pavement Jointing System

The Nifty- Joint (Pat. Pending and Registered Trade Mark) Bridge and Pavement jointing system is a very new and cost effective joint which was invented and developed by Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. to cater for quick replacement of existing failed bridge joints, to prevent reflective cracking or water penetration of any new asphalt rehabilitation works. These joints can be designed into new structures resulting in reduced construction times and costs.

Trials of this system have been in continuous motorway use for over 5 years with more than 50,000 vehicle movements per day and are still in "As Built" condition. Further trials are underway to prove this system.

To watch a short time-lapse video of a typical 2 lane installation that was completed in just under 2 hours, click this link:

When you require experience, knowledge and a professional approach to bridge infrastructure management issues, look no further than Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd.