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Our Services

Provision of practical solutions to bridge and pavement problems.

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. have the experience and a network of contacts in almost every facet of bridge construction, maintenance, assessment, Inspection (including Underwater), design and even demolition. Nev Buckley has vast experience in environmental protection aspects, relating to modern bridge construction and maintenance projects. We provide project examples and testimonials to back us up.

Bridge, Culvert, Sign Structures and Wharf Inspections

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. provide detailed structural and routine Level 2 maintenance inspections as well as specialised dilapidation inspections as required. All inspections are accompanied by a site specific risk assessment, detailed inspection report and scope of works report if any elements are found to require maintenance. Advice on best practices, materials and procedures will be provided if required.


Bridge Supervision, Surveillance and Quality Verifications

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. has decades of experience in Timber Bridge related maintenance issues and a vast knowledge in the testing and preservation of timber elements. We are also very experienced in the supervision of pre-stressed and reinforced concrete precast bridge elements, both on site and at remote casting facilities. Another of our specialised fields is the inspection of concrete and steel bridges for fatigue, corrosion, protective coating issues and all associated concrete structural assessment and testing.

Installation of the Nifty-Joint System

The Nifty-Joint is a new low cost, quick to install small movement bridge and pavement jointing system that is installed prior to placing Asphalt over the joints to eliminate a surface joint.

This results in a perfectly smooth pavement surface with no noisy joints and are totally waterproof. In trials to date, the joints have the capacity to cover openings as wide as 75mm and can cope with movement range as high as +/-9mm, many of these trial joints carry 50,000+ highway vehicles per day and are in perfect condition after more than 5 years. The installation cost is less than one third of any comparable joint system currently available and can be completed in conjunction with asphalt replacement, no need to re-visit the site. Some sections of asphalt have been milled and replaced over these joints without interference to the joints that saved time and cost for the contractors and resulted in a seamless pavement finish.

Nifty-Joints are ideal for installation directly over many existing joint systems, as a retro-fit during asphalt rehabilitation or could be designed into many short span new structures. Nifty Joints also have the ability to prevent reflective cracking and moisture migration through rigid pavement sections where asphalt is to be used as pavement correction or wearing surface.

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Nifty-Joint Trials, Before & After 4 Years

Nifty-Joint is a registered Trademark and is Patent Pending.

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. is the only certified installers of Nifty-Joint System.

On Site Services Include;

  • Diamond Core Drilling from 15mm to 115mm +++
  • Diamond Concrete cutting.
  • Horizontal Diamond Concrete Grinding.
  • Non-Destructive testing (Schmidt Hammer) for Compressive Strength of Concrete.
  • Sampling of Concrete for Compressive Strength, Carbonation, Chlorides & Sulphides.
  • Cover-Meter testing of reinforcement.
  • Steel Sampling for tensile testing and protective coating analysis.

Customer Satisfaction

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. is working hard to accrue a list of successful projects and long-standing relationships with repeat clients. We are proud of our reputation for delivering high quality and cost effective solutions that exceed expectations. We encourage client feedback, input and queries before, during and after your project. You'll always feel like you can talk to us and be confident you're getting the best service available.